Lots of planning went into my 30th birthday party, of course the food fit the theme as well.

I had lots of fun creating and sourcing my confectionery table contents at the party, and decorated it to suit as well.
I found a list of items that were available at the fictional Honeydukes store in Hogsmeade and the Harry Potter world in general. I sourced as much as I could from the list in real life including:

  • Jelly Slugs (sour worms)
  • Lemon Sherbets
  • Sour Straps
  • Every Flavour beans (Bertie Botts jelly beans including the nice ones and the beanboozled ones!)
  • Butterscotch
  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches
  • Acid Pops (lolly pops)

To finish off the confectionery table, I created a Honeydukes sign using cardstock on my Cricut. I broke down the original sign into different elements and layers of colour. This was my first multi layered paper project on my Cricut. I also found, printed and constructed Bertie Botts packaging and Chocolate Frog packaging.

Each item, as well as what was on the general food table had a label inspired by the Chocolate frog cards. I cut these out using my Cricut machine, as well as by hand. This was accompanied by standard Chocolate Frog cards that I found on the internet and scattered around the tables.

The general party food catered for regular food eaters, vegetarians, vegans, FODMAP and a capsicum allergy.

The menu included pumpkin pies, pumpkin pasties, cherry ripe inspired slice, lemon slice (called “Always Lemon Slice” in honour of Professor Snape, he kept lemons in a paper bag marked “lunch” in his office), mini sandwiches, and more!

We also had themed punches in the style of potions including Wolfsbane, Felix Felicis and Polyjuice Potion. The water was labelled Veritaserum.

Food labels in the shape of the Chocolate Frog cards.

Custom made Honeydukes sign, made on my Cricut® using many layers of  cardstock.

Chocolate Frog cards, sourced off the internet and printed out.