My amazing talented friend Lyndsay Makes created some Cricut® flowers for my 30th birthday.

As soon as I mentioned the Hogwarts themed party decorations to my amazingly talented and creative friend Lyndsay she jumped at the chance to help create decorations for the party!

Throughout the planning and crafting process Lyndsay saw a sneak peak of each piece, we shared inspiration images and ideas as well.

Lyndsay was the one who got me into the world of Cricut® (I have her old machine, she has since upgraded to a Maker)

She spent many hours, and sacrificed sleep to make these amazing flowers representing each house. These are made from paper and the detail is incredible…these are also the perfect flowers to look after as they don’t need watering!

As a bonus Lyndsay also made a series of Harry Potter themed badges for guests to take home.

Thankyou Lyndsay for creating these stunning flowers for me! Be sure to check out Lyndsays work on her Instagram.

Each Hogwarts house was represented

Close up of the Cricut® Flower detail

The Deathly Hallows was featured in the vase design